Dr. Anwar Shaikh

A Fellow of Dental Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Dr. Shaikh received his Diploma in 1988, having got his Masters in 1979.

Dr. Shaikh has worked in Kuwait and the U.K. and for the past 25 years worked in the U.A.E. including 4 years in the Defense Hospital.  With his long and considerable working experience in this region, Dr. Shaikh has built a reputation of dependability and trust amongst his clientele.  His body of work speaks for itself and is today considered one of the leading Consultant Oral Surgeon & Implantologist in Abu Dhabi.  The Clinic also gets referrals for oral surgery from many of the dental health providers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Dr. Shaikh has also held teaching posts in prestigious Institutions both in the U.A.E. and abroad.

Date of Surgery:   June 2014
City & country   Abu Dhabi, UAE
My e-mail address:   drshaikhah@yahoo.com
My case description:                                     I used the AxisGuide system for the lower jaw as the inferior alveolar nerve was critical in the accurate placement of the lower implants.
    3D construction with AxisGuide software
  Making mask of teeth & planning implants
  Drawing nerve and placing implants securely.
  MultiDrill surgical kit utilised for the surgery using only 2mm drills.
  MultiDrill surgical kit utilised for the surgery using only 2mm drills.
  UniDrill Surgical Guide
  X-ray after surgery
What benefit I got from AxisGuide system in this case?:   The AxisGuide Unidrill system was really helpful to me and later on I used my Implant surgery experience to get the Straumann Implants inserted well. I have followed up the patient and she has No Post operative Complaints except for a minor expected swelling. Of course I did open up a very small flap just to be sure that the implant hole access coincides with the AxisGuide 3D planning and it was good. Thank you once again for the support and I hope that this will take us to greater areas of cooperation for Guided Surgery.